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What’s Leaving Netflix in July

The number of titles that Netflix removes from its library each month is often a lengthy one– dominated often by films and shows that aren’t extremely well-known to begin with. That doesn’t mean there’s no periodic heavy-hitters like the recent removal of Hannibal and Portlandia, so here’s a list of some of the biggest titles to catch before they’re gone from the platform (as well as where you can find them after their time is up.)

Leaving at the End of the Month:

The Twilight Zone

While technically only seasons 1,2,3, and 5 are leaving Netflix, the fourth season has never been available, rendering the entire series no longer watchable on the platform as of July 2nd. Luckily for fans of this iconic horror-fantasy series, all five seasons will remain on Hulu.

Twin Peaks

While David Lynch’s sprawling surrealist mystery only ran for two seasons in the early 90’s, the years since have proved kind to the show, with its status as a cult classic being cemented by a still-growing audience. The third season (or reboot, depending on the terminology you prefer) is and always has been on Showtime, but Netflix has been home to the original series for about a decade now. Fortunately, these original episodes aren’t hard to find elsewhere. They can be streamed on Hulu as well as CBS All Access.

Leaving Throughout July:

July 15th: The Princess and the Frog

This 2009 animated feature is a modern classic, but in the wake of Disney’s streaming service Disney+, its departure from Netflix was inevitable. Of course, the film can be found on Disney’s aforementioned platform, as well as for digital rental and purchase on a variety of others.

July 30th: Spotlight

This 2015 historical drama detailing one of the biggest media scandals of the 21st century won a number of awards as well as critical acclaim– but Netflix’s rental contract with the film will still be up at the end of the month. The film will still be available for digital rental on several platforms including Prime Video and YouTube, but there’s no word thus far of streaming availability post-Netflix.

July 31st: A Clockwork Orange

While Kubrick’s twisted dystopia is a bleak adaptation of the equally bleak novel by Anthony Burgess, that doesn’t make it any less timely. A Clockwork Orange has only been on American Netflix for a little over two years, however. The film itself turned fifty this year, so finding a physical copy is fairly easy, but for those who prefer the streamlined experience of digital, the film can be rented or bought on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Youtube, and the like.

Netflix lovers need not despair for too long, though. July also marks a long list of new titles to watch, including the Austin Powers series and all three of the original Karate Kid films– alongside Love, Actually for when the holidays come around (or for right now, because who’s gonna stop you?) There’s also several Netflix originals set to be released, so interested parties keep your eyes peeled for an adaptation of R.L. Stine’s Fear Street books, an animated Resident Evil series, a new season of Atypical, and other offerings.

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