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Small Ways to Add Color to Any Room

When it comes to home decor, color is one of those a-little-goes-a-long-way elements. That’s not to say going crazy with it doesn’t yield beautiful and unique results (see: maximalist interior design), but whether you’re looking for a small splash of color or ways to implement it wherever possible, listed below are just a few minor ways to do so.

Lightswitch and Power Outlet Plates

Switch covers are a lot of things, and cheap and easy to install are among them. A number of brands make colorful and patterned covers, but you can also invest in an unfinished wood plate and create designs of your own. The same goes for power outlets, although it may be necessary to ensure any outlet extensions are taken into account while replacing them.


This one might be a little obvious, but it’s still worth pointing out the big difference that plants make when adding vibrance to a space. And if caring for plants isn’t your thing, there’s always faux flowers and greenery that, despite requiring none of the watering, provides all of the visual appeal. There’s plenty of online guides for coordinating the colors of your potted plants, with tons of ways to create balance, cohesion, and variety just using some foliage and a little planning. The pots themselves are a big factor, too, and some thrifted ceramic or minimal DIY work can give you a colorful array of pieces to work with.

Stationary and Organization

If your desk is anything like most desks, it probably has more than just your computer and paper on it– at least, it should! Desks are more than just utilitarian; they’re a place to express oneself and create a comforting environment for our daily tasks. Enjoying the space you’re in is always a plus for productivity, after all. Even if you don’t have much in the way of desk space to work with, an eye-catching lamp, pen organizer, or notepad can inject some extra liveliness.


One of the most dramatic yet overlooked changes that can be made to virtually any room is the curtain choice; not only do curtains accent the room around them, some might argue they’re among the central elements that set the tone of a space. Colorful curtains, by extension, give entire rooms a sense of whimsy, joyfulness, and immersiveness, particularly in the case of curtains which allow some light to shine through and give a room a subtle tint.


The plates, glasses, and cutlery you use may not always be on full display, but when it comes time to bring them out, a splash of color can bring some personality to the table (no pun intended.) Ceramics, which are typically long-lasting and high-quality, often come in an assortment of bright colors that can be easily mixed and matched in a way that invokes tasteful kitsch and fun character.

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