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Pup Parent Essentials for Your Apartment

Raising a furry friend means investing in a lot of supplies. In addition to having the basics, like nutrient-rich food and a cozy bed, you’ll need cleaning products to keep your apartment smelling fresh and plenty of toys to protect your shoes (and pretty much everything else) from super chewers. Read on for a handy list of essentials that will help you welcome a new pup into your apartment.

Grooming Products

Getting your pet groomed can be expensive, so you might want to have some tear-free dog shampoo and a reliable brush on hand to keep them looking fresh between grooming appointments. Plus, you won’t have to bathe them in your shower or sink because residents of some Cowgill communities, like studios180 and The Flats at 345, get access to an on-site paw spa for easy pet pampering.

Bed and Kennel

Make sure you have a cozy dog bed or a kennel (or both!) in your apartment. Your dog will appreciate having its own space to retreat to for some quiet time and rest. Just make sure you wash the dog bed, as well as whatever padding or blanket you keep inside of the kennel, from time to time to keep them — and your apartment — smelling fresh.

Leash and Collar

At communities like studios180, The Flats at 345, and The Axis at 1435, residents have access to a bark park — but, your dog will still need plenty of walks to stretch its legs, so you’ll need a collar and a leash. You should be able to slide two fingers between your dog’s neck and their collar. When it comes to finding the perfect leash, there are standard, retractable, adjustable, and harness options. You may need to try a few before finding one that works for you and your pup.

Stain and Odor Remover

Dogs, especially young puppies, will have accidents in your home. They might also track dirt and mud into the apartment after playing outside. This is why it’s important to have a stain and odor remover. If you’re still worried about your rugs, you might consider putting them up until your pup is potty trained.

Chew Toys and Treats

You won’t be able to entertain your furry friend 100% of the time, which is why you should have a stash of sturdy chew toys and tasty treats. Pick up a few options and flavors to figure out what your pup likes most, and always be careful not to leave out any toys they could easily rip up and swallow pieces of when you leave the apartment.

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