Running behind on your gift shopping this year? Here are just a few quick ideas for presents just about everyone on your list can enjoy.

Baked Goodies

Who says the best Christmas gifts can’t be edible? Handmade treats can be cozy and personalized gifts that aren’t just tasty and fun to make, but have a special thoughtfulness store-bought gifts don’t always have. Check out these lists from Wilton and Delish full of easy-to-make holiday pastries, candies, cakes, and cookies. These simple recipes for all levels of baking skills will ensure not only that you have a gift idea, but that you have no trouble preparing it in time to see your loved ones for the holidays.

Handmade Ornaments

An easy way to make professional-looking ornaments with a handmade twist involves inexpensive glass crafting ornaments, fine glitter, paint markers, and floor finish (bear with us here.) To coat the inside of the ornament with glitter, remove the top of the ornament and pour a small amount of polish through the opening, turning the ornament over a sink or trash can until the entire inside is coated with polish and a small amount is left inside. Pour in your glitter, once again turning the ornament until the entirety is coated. Once complete, you can shake out the excess glitter and replace the top of the ornament. Decorate as you would like with either permanent markers or acrylic or oil-based paint pens, careful not to smudge your design as the marker and/or paint dries. You can use leftover ribbon from your gift-wrapping to create a quick and cute ornament hanger, or simply use a traditional ornament hook, to place the creation on a tree, like any other ornament– this one has a special homemade touch that anyone is sure to appreciate.

Gift Card Holders

If you’re at a loss for what to get somebody, sometimes nothing beats a gift card they can use however they please. But while that might not seem very exciting to wrap, there are plenty of simple festive gift card holders you can make with just some paper or cardstock and slight ingenuity. This basic tutorial walks you through the steps to make your own decorated gift card holders, proving that there’s no secret magic involved when it comes to crafting something small but special for your friends and family who prefer their gifts in card form.

One-of-a-Kind Finds

While a thrift or antique store might not be the first place that comes to mind when you envision the quintessential holiday shopping spot, these places can be great avenues for finding wholly unique gifts for just about anyone. Something hand-picked and distinctive stands out from the crowd of mass-produced presents and can be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Unique Gift Certificates

While this technically falls under the category of gift-card-related goodies, gift certificates can be much more specialized than your average Amazon gift card at the grocery store checkout. Just about any place you can purchase from offers some form of gift credit, and while they come with the same convenience as any other gift card, picking out a certificate for unique local spots or small online shops can reflect a greater sense of thoughtfulness and uniqueness.