It’s easy to overlook the refrigerator when you’re organizing and cleaning different areas in your apartment, but keeping it orderly will make it easier to find what you need. Plus, storing food properly can help extend its shelf life—and you might avoid overbuying food if you can clearly see what you already have. Read on for some helpful organization hacks to help you make the most of your refrigerator space.

Wipe Down Every Surface

Remove all of the food from your fridge (Be sure to check expiration dates and toss anything that’s too old to eat!) before cleaning off every surface. You can use disinfecting wipes or paper towels with warm, soapy water.

Make About-to-Expire Foods Easily Accessible

Store older foods in a plastic bin that’s front and center. You can stick an “Eat me first!” label on the front of the bin to remind you not to let any of it go to waste.

Store Like Items Together

Designate spots in the fridge for fruit, produce, meats, and more. You can invest in storage bins, or simply use drawer space. This way, everything will have a place the next time you unpack groceries—and it will be easier to find what you need while cooking.

Use a Lazy Susan

Instead of digging through the back of the fridge to find your salad dressing or ketchup, consider using a lazy susan. Your fridge will look more organized, and you’ll be able to find whatever you need in no time.

Line Drawers With Paper Towels

Keep the drawers in your refrigerator clean by lining them with paper towels. You’ll need to replace them every couple of weeks, which will give you a chance to straighten up the foods you’re storing in the drawers.

Save Space With Can Storage

Aluminum cans can be difficult to store. Adding a can storage bin into your fridge is a great way to help maximize space. This will also help keep the cans contained, so they won’t roll around.

Label Each Section

Make finding ingredients and unpacking groceries a breeze by using refrigerator labels. You can designate one section in the door for condiments, a drawer for fruits, a bin for veggies, and so on.