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How to Keep Your Apartment Warm This Winter

The temperature is beginning to drop, so it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you’ll keep your apartment warm this winter without running up the heating bill. If you get cold easily, or simply want to be prepared, here are four things you might want to have on hand to stay warm and cozy once the colder weather hits.

Plush Rugs

Before you crank up the heat in your apartment, consider investing in some plush area rugs. In addition to keeping your feet nice and warm while you’re moving around, rugs can help insulate rooms and keep cold air from seeping into your space. Be sure to look for options that will cover a large surface area, or use several smaller ones throughout your home.

Draft Stoppers

A draft stopper acts as a physical barrier between your apartment and the outside world. They’re useful if you live inside of an apartment building because your neighbors could be bringing cold air with them when they come and go — and you can also use them in window sills. Check out Target and Amazon for affordable options.

A Space Heater

If you’re really cold-natured, a space heater might be your best bet when temperature drops. They’re especially great for apartment living because they’re designed to heat smaller areas. Just be sure to never leave your space heater unattended. You should turn it off and unplug it if you’re leaving the apartment or going to sleep.

Throw Blankets

Instead of blasting the heat all winter long, keep a few throw blankets in your sleeping and living spaces. Heated, weighted, and fuzzy faux fur blankets are sure to keep you warm. Plus, your friends will appreciate having something cozy to curl up with when they come to visit. (Bonus points if you serve them hot cocoa or cider, too.)

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