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How to Have a Winter Wonderland Indoors

Kentucky weather can be fickle, and while the region is no stranger to impressive snowfall in the later winter months of January and February, December is often a mild time of year for precipitation (and weather in general, as the recent middling temperatures have proven.) There’s also the simple fact that snow can be a pain to deal with, be it when trying to drive on icy roads or when trying to keep your snowman from melting in less than a days’ time. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself wishing to celebrate the snowy months in ways that allow you to stick close to sufficient heating. Here are just a few ways to bring a white Christmas indoors this year.

Have a not-so-brutal snowball fight in your living room.

Nobody likes getting whacked in the head with a wayward snowball. It’s cold, it’s wet, and it can hurt something fierce– unless, of course, you’re talking about the wide arrange of soft, indoor-friendly snowballs that can provide all the fun of playing in the snow as a kid without any of the less ideal parts (no catching colds or having to run your hands under warm water here.) These are also great for winter crafts, should you be in the mood to craft your own melt-less snowmen or a festive snowy garland.

Evoke some nostalgia and break out the paper and scissors.

We all remember making paper snowflakes as kids, whether we were successful or not (hey, wonky snowflakes deserve love, too) in our attempts. There are plenty of ways to implement this age-old childhood tradition in more ambitious contexts than your parents’ refrigerator, though. You can work on your origami skills, for instance, with this book of snowflake patterns. Or, try your hand at this snowflake garland kit. There’s a lot that some scissors can do to take your back to the childhood magic of winter, even if you’re staying inside by the fire this holiday season.

Bust out the holiday lights for more than just your Christmas tree.

Some good lighting can do wonders for a space, and something like this string of icicle lights can place you right inside a frozen fantasy with zero risk of frostbite. Snow projectors and nightlights are another easy way to create winter ambiance in your space, bringing the snowfall itself inside whenever you want (including in the middle of summer, when the heat gets you down.)

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