When it comes to finding a roommate, you might already have a friend or loved one on board for your apartment journey. If you’re still trying to decide what the best options for you are, though, your perfect roommate might just be the most unexpected. Here are a few things to keep in mind while on the search for a living buddy.

Consider your organizational and communication styles.

While you might get along great with your best friend outside of living arrangements, under the same roof things might get messy (literally and figuratively.) It’s important to think about how compatible you and your potential roommate are– if one of you places high priority in keeping a clean space at all times, and the other prefers to keep things a little more chaotic, then having a conversation about your individual needs and expectations can help set a precedent from the start that can keep both parties happy. Communication is also important– if you don’t feel like you can be honest with your roommate about apartment-related issues, an attempt to keep the peace might just result in the opposite. Sometimes, roommate compatibility isn’t a reflection of a bad friendship so much as it is everybody’s different needs, and running into such problems can be prevented by anticipating them in advance and making informed decisions.

Think about (some of) your interests.

No, really– while one of you being a Green Bay Packers fan and the other favoring the Chicago Bears might cause some issues, it’s less about the small things and more about your day-to-day lifestyles and hobbies. If, for instance, you both need a lot of room for equipment for a variety of reasons– let’s say one of you has an interest in music and the other in skiing– space might just be an issue. While this might not be a make or break factor, it’s still worth considering how much space both parties will need in any given living arrangements and apartment-hunting accordingly.

Remember the long-term.

Living a year or more under the same roof with somebody can change a lot about the dynamics of your friendship, relationship, or interaction as a whole. If there’s something about you and a prospective roommate’s dynamic that you can see snowballing down the road, it might be a sign that continuing the search is to your benefit. What we see as small factors now can turn into larger ones when we’re experiencing them daily, and that goes for good things, too– it’s worth remembering that the right roommate can make your apartment-hunting experience that much more enjoyable rather than stressful.