Thanksgiving is all about embracing cozy comforts, like making home-cooked meals and spending time with friends and family. While you’re making plans for the holiday, don’t neglect your apartment — decorating your space is another fun way to celebrate this time of year. Here are six things you can do to get your home ready for turkey day and the end of fall.

Make a Homemade Wreath

Dress up your front door with a seasonal wreath made of pine cones or burlap ribbon. There are tons of easy-to-follow tutorials online — plus, a homemade wreath would make a great gift once Christmas rolls around.

Switch Out Your Doormat

One of the easiest ways to decorate your apartment for any holiday or season is to swap out your doormat. Target, HomeGoods, Etsy, and even Amazon have cute and affordable options for every time of year.

Build a Thankful Board

Hang up a bulletin or dry erase board to highlight the things you’re most thankful for. You can write notes and quotes, put up pictures and cards, and even encourage guests to leave you messages.

Light a Seasonal Candle

Make your apartment feel extra cozy and fill it with the smells of the season by keeping a pumpkin, apple cider, or cinnamon-scented candle lit during the day.

Put Orange and Red Flowers in a Vase

Get your space ready for Thanksgiving by assembling a flower arrangement using sunflowers, red and orange carnations, or warm-toned mums. Then, set small pumpkins or gourds around the base.

Set a Plaid Blanket on the Couch

Nothing says fall like a cozy plaid blanket. Drape one over the couch, an armchair, or the end of your bed for a bit of seasonal style and to help you stay warm when the temperature starts to drop.