Need to add some flair (or increased practicality) to your space, but don’t want to contend with the stress of using nails in your walls? Maybe you live in a dorm or apartment that makes nails a no-go, or maybe you’re just looking to avoid busting out the spackle and paint down the road. No matter the reason, luckily there are plenty of ways to hang items from your wall without dealing with damage– and below are just a few options.

Adhesive Strips and Tape

When thinking of adhesive solutions for wall hangings, the first thing that comes to most peoples’ minds is a Command strip. However, these handy damage-mitigating strips aren’t the only available choice on the market. For lighter items like unframed photos, for instance, you might be able to benefit from Scotch’s Wall-Safe Tape or Removable Mounting Squares. There are also a variety of permanent adhesive solutions, and while they won’t budge as easily and are mess-free as removable strips and squares, they’re still a less destructive option than traditional nails.

Adhesive Wall Putty

Many brands (such as Blue Stik, Scotch, Gorilla, and others) offer damage-free adhesive putty that is not only removable but reusable. The putty allows you to use as little or as much adhesive as you need, making it a fairly versatile and adjustable way to hang items. Different products have different strengths, although these putties generally work best with lightweight items such as photographs and posters.

Damage-Free Hooks

When it comes to hooks, you have a few choices. As with their strips, Command brand offers damage-free removable hooks that can hold a variety of weights, from light frames to even coats and utility items. However, access to a magnetic or appropriate smooth surface like glass widens your options. Strong magnetic hooks can help hold items in your shower or kitchen, and suction cups can attach to surfaces like windows and mirrors to hold an impressive amount of weight (just make sure you have a clean, dry surface prior to attachment.)

Removable Wall Decals

While these products are most often seen for kids’ rooms, taking a look around sites like Wayfair and Etsy proves that wall decals can be a great damage-free option for any space. Whether you’re looking for a set of small decals for a wall arrangement or one larger piece, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish without any hammer and nails or adhesive products at all.

Getting Creative and Other Methods

Adhesive towel racks? Damage-free wall panels and removable wallpaper? There are all kinds of unique solutions just a Google search away– for instance, Parade of Homes recommends solutions you may not have initially thought of, like velcro strips or some strategic use of decorative washi tape. If you’re looking for a larger-scale way to decorate with minimal damage (and work!), Architectural Digest suggests going the tapestry route– plus, your wallet will hurt a little less after finding the perfect fabric hanging than it will a canvas print of the same size. No matter how you go about decorating, don’t let nails stand in your way!