Part of embracing the holiday season is decorating your living space accordingly. We’re talking string lights, festive throw pillows, and a stockpile of candy canes. Check out these simple ways to get your apartment ready for winter and the holidays.

Decorate a Tiny Tree

Apartment living means you might not have room for a full-size tree, so consider picking up a real (or fake) tiny tree. They’re cute, affordable, and, most importantly, don’t take up a lot of space. Don’t forget to buy some ornaments to decorate it: You can find fun, inexpensive options at Target, Amazon, HomeGoods, and even drugstores.

Set Out a Themed Doormat

A reliable doormat is essential when there’s slush and snow on the ground outside, so why not go with a seasonal option? You can find them everywhere during the holidays. For example, Target has tons of options, whether you want one with snowflakes, one with a silly saying, or something simple.

Hang String Lights

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a strand or two of string lights. You can frame a doorway with a strand, hang them above the TV in your living space, or wrap some around the curtain rod in your bedroom — the possibilities are endless. You can even keep them up all year long if you’d like!

Fill a Bowl with Peppermints

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a candy cane (or two, or three…) during the holidays? Set out a festive bowl and fill it with peppermints or mini candy canes to treat yourself — and any visitors you might have stopping by, of course.

Use Festive Throw Pillows

One easy way to make your space feel a little cozier and holiday ready is to toss some festive throw pillows on the couch. Consider picking up some plush plaid options, a pillow with a seasonal saying, or an embroidered one featuring a cute Christmas tree.

Light a Seasonal Candle

Don’t forget to fill your apartment with the smells of the season with candles (or fresh-baked cookies). Bath and Body Works has a huge assortable of festive options, including marshmallow fireside, frosted coconut snowball, and fresh balsam. Plus, they often have deals that allow you to get several candles at a discount.