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How to Beat the Cold this Winter

With several cold fronts taking their toll on January temperatures, this winter is certainly proving to be a frosty one– but that doesn’t mean you have to be frosty right along with it. While some cold might be inevitable, here are a few ways to beat the lack of heat this winter.

DIY Hand Warmers

Hot Hands are a popular way to keep your fingers intact during the chilly months, but did you know that you can make your own super-simple hand warmers? This  easy-to-make winter craft makes use of microwave rice to create some warmth for your extremities, whereas this DIY features salt and sodium polyacrylate (also known as waterlock.)

Energy-Efficient Space Heaters

There’s nothing quite like a space heater to keep things toasty when the thermostat isn’t cutting it, and if you have concerns about utilities or environmental impact, here’s a list of more energy-efficient heaters that can get the job done without costing a fortune in electricity bills. You might also want to look into space heater alternatives, such as heated blankets.

Draft Stoppers

Not only are draft stoppers an easy and affordable alternative to spending extra electricity, they might even save you money. Draft stoppers are more than just your grandma’s door snake, though– you can also keep heat from escaping using thermal curtains and drapes and silicone or rubber door sweeps.

Prewarming Clothes

That feeling you get when you put on clothes fresh out of the dryer is more than just cozy– it’s a great way to jumpstart your morning when the temperatures are less than ideal. Expert Home Tips recommends keeping your clothes near a (safe) heat source like in a boiler cabinet or cupboard, or near a radiator.

Heated Cushions and Chairs

It’s no surprise that alongside heat pads and warming blankets, you can find heated seating, too. Whether you’re looking for a heated outdoor folding chair or a simple cushion to sit on indoors or outdoors, there’s a solution for you– this wireless seat cushion will even charge your phone while providing several hours of warmth.

Insulated Drinkware

What you pour your morning coffee into matters; and while you’re likely already using a thermos or insulated tumbler of some kind, not all cups are made quite the same. Investing in a better-insulated way to store your beverages can be the difference between hot chocolate that becomes cold chocolate in half an hour, or stays toasty for several hours. You can also find externally insulated holders that can provide some extra heat retention.

Cozy Socks

No, really– socks made from more substantial insulating material like cotton and fleece can make a world of difference, and your toes might just thank you for the switch during the winter months. Thicker socks are also great for when snowy days necessitate boots and can make heavier-duty shoes more comfortable when you’re on your feet shoveling snow or even just scraping that dreaded ice off of your windshield.

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