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Everything You Need to Know about the Lexington Farmers Market

Did you know that buying local produce is good for the environment? Local food has a smaller carbon footprint because it isn’t traveling very far to get to you. It’s also good for you, since it means you’re eating fresher fruits and veggies. The Lexington Farmers Market, established in 1975, is the perfect place to buy locally grown produce.

In addition to ensuring the city has access to fresh agricultural products, the market aims to help provide a living wage for area farmers, conserve farmland, save family farms, and stimulate the local economy. The market has four different locations, but they’re each open on different days of the week during different times of the year: Downtown Lexington (Tandy Centennial Park) is open year-round on Saturdays, Southland Drive is open April through October on Sundays, Maxwell & Broadway is open May through November on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Greater Gardenside is open during the summer months on Wednesdays.

While some farmers come to the market year-round, others only come during the peak seasons for their specialties. There are many factors that can impact crop availability, but you can reference this Kentucky Proud Seasonal Produce chart to get a sense of what produce will likely be available throughout the year. During warm-weather months, you can make a day out of visiting the farmers market: Meet up with a group of friends for brunch or coffee before picking up some fresh food. Most of the markets are pet-friendly, so your furry friend can tag along too — just remember to be mindful of their behavior and clean up messes quickly. Afterward, you guys can head to a local park or try whipping up a new recipe with your farmer’s market finds.

For more information about the Lexington Farmers Market, like where to park at each location and details about upcoming events, visit LexingtonFarmersMarket.com. They also post regular updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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