If you’re hoping to get some fresh air (and shade!) this summer, here’s part two of our guide to Lexington’s public parks.

Deer Haven Park

1937 Deer Haven Lane

Deer Haven Park boasts a mixed-use trail great for both hiking and mountain biking, providing the perfect afternoon for outdoors enthusiasts of all sorts. It’s also close to the Brighton East Rail Trail, which provides visitors with a paved trail for a more leisurely walk. It’s also fairly close to the Hamburg shopping district, meaning that even when sunset rolls around, plenty of food, movies and other entertainment aren’t too far away. Residents at The Studios at Patchen, Gatehouse, and Cove Lake Village are a short drive away from Deer Haven Park as well!

Shillito Park

300 West Reynolds Road

At 176 acres, Shillito Park remains one of Lexington’s largest and most cherished local parks. There’s a comfortable paved trail for a sunny morning walk, as well as a playground for kids; if you have an inclination towards sports, you’ll be happy to know that Shillito Park has amenities for everything from soccer to basketball. Particularly impressive is its disc golf course, where many a tournament has been held.

Thoroughbred Park

100 Midland Avenue

Though small, Thoroughbred Park might be one of the most recognizable of Lexington’s parks. This is due to the assortment of gorgeous bronze horse statues positioned in front of a lengthy fountain, perfectly visible as one drives down Main Street in downtown Lexington. There’s a patch of peaceful green space in the park as well, making it great for relaxing even in the bustling heart of the city.

Triangle Park

400 West Main Street

Another important downtown Lexington landmark, Triangle Park serves many roles for the local community. Perhaps its most anticipated is that of an ice rink– as every winter, the park becomes a popular destination for seasoned and rookie skaters alike. The large waterfall-style fountain surrounding the area is an especially beautiful sight when lit up at night.

Both Thoroughbred Park and Triangle Park are located in downtown Lexington and are great parks for all Cowgill Inc. residents to stop by if they’re planning a day in downtown Lexington!

Meadowthorpe Park

333 Larch Lane

Another small but versatile park, Meadowthorpe Park features both a paved walking trail and ample greenery. There’s also a playground and picnic tables, making it an excellent location for families. Like many of Lexington’s public parks, Meadowthorpe has undergone some additional enhancements within the last few years– as a testament to the community’s love of parks.

The Arboretum State Botanical Garden of Kentucky

500 Alumni Drive

As revealed by the name, The Arboretum isn’t technically a park– rather, it’s a botanical garden with ample paved trails and plenty of shade for a summer day’s picnic. Because of its vast expanse of green space as well as an abundance of local plant life, The Arboretum is essentially a required experience for any nature enthusiast in the Lexington area. Being located on the University of Kentucky’s campus is especially helpful for any college students looking for a reprieve from the indoors. Residents of Belmont Run, The Studios at Belmont, Limestone Square, and The Axis at 1435 are all within a short distance of The Arboretum!

Gratz Park

250 West Third Street

Gratz Park is another campus park– sort of. What makes it so historically important is that it was once the location of Transylvania University, prior to a 19th-century fire which relocated the school to where it stands today. While the university may have moved locations, it’s still right around the corner from Gratz Park, which is surrounded by one of Lexington’s beautiful historic districts. Its proximity to Transy also means it’s close to dozens of downtown restaurants, shops, and entertainment, as well as the gorgeous Carnegie Center building. It’s also within walking distance of both studios180 and The Flats at 345!