Whether you’re applying to live in an apartment or signing a new lease, you’ll need to fill out paperwork and provide some documents, like a photo ID and proof of employment. If you’re actively searching for an apartment, it’s a good idea to keep this list of documents and information handy.

Proof of Employment

You will likely need proof of employment, like a few recent pay stubs, so your landlord or management company will know that you’re employed and making enough money to pay the rent. You might also be able to show bank statements or your employee contract.

Photo ID

Landlords will ask for a photo ID,  like a driver’s license or passport,  so they can confirm that you are who you say you are. A photocopy of your form of identification should suffice.

Letters of Reference

You might want to consider having a couple letters of reference on hand (ideally from a former landlord) in case you need them to support your apartment application.

Vehicle Registration

If the apartment complex you’re interested in has on-site parking, you will probably need to provide vehicle registration — or, at the very least, some information about your car, so they can be sure only approved vehicles are parked on the property.

Social Security Number

Landlords and management companies usually require your social security number, so that they can run a credit and background check to decide whether or not you’ll be a good tenant.

Past Rental History

You could be asked about your past rental history, so you may want to proactively make a list of where you have previously lived, how long you lived there, and why you left. Be sure to include contact information, too.

Money for the Application Fee & Credit Check

There might be an application fee, as well as an additional fee for them to run a credit check on you. Make sure you’ve got a check or cash ready to go, in case you decide to apply after touring an apartment.

Guarantor Paperwork

If you don’t meet the financial requirements and need a guarantor to co-sign the lease with you, they’ll need to provide the same documents as a renter. Be sure to ask your landlord or management company what exactly is needed from a co-signer.