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5 Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Clean

Small apartments can accumulate dust and clutter quickly—and less space means less storage, so you can’t always hide the mess. However, keeping your apartment clean doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Below, we’re sharing some quick tips to help you stay on top of dirt and disorder.

Purge What You Don’t Want or Need

When you move into an apartment or simply want to do a bit of decluttering, purging your junk drawer is a good place to start. Whether you have outfits you’ve outgrown, piles of outdated mail, or old toiletries, getting rid of things you aren’t using will help you stay organized. Try donating clothes you don’t wear and throwing out any expired medications or beauty products. Cleaning your apartment will be easier if you aren’t surrounded by unnecessary clutter. 

Set a Cleaning Schedule

 If you’re living with a roommate, you may want to divvy up the housekeeping tasks. Maybe one person is responsible for keeping the bathroom clean while the other handles the kitchen—or maybe you alternate weeks: You take out the trash one week and your roommate handles it the next. If you live alone in a one-bedroom or a studio, consider designating one cleaning day per week. Or, try assigning an area to each day (i.e. clean the kitchen on Monday, the bathroom on Wednesday, and the bedroom on Friday). Find a routine and stick with it, so the mess never gets out of control.

Invest in a Laundry Hamper

 There’s nothing worse than going to visit a friend whose dirty laundry is laying around the room. Whether you have in-unit laundry or access to a shared laundry room, be sure to store any dirties in a laundry hamper in between washes. You can order an inexpensive one from Target or Amazon, or splurge on something nicer from Pottery Barn or West Elm. Either way, keeping your dirty clothes and towels off the floor will instantly tidy up your apartment.

Make Your Bed Every Day

Straightening your sheets and fluffing up your pillows each morning is another quick and easy way to instantly make your space look cleaner. Plus, making your bed in the morning can help you start the day off on the right foot. This tip is even more important if you live in a studio because your bedroom is likely visible from your apartment door—AKA any visitors will immediately notice if your bed is unmade.

Clean as You Go

The key to keeping your small space neat and tidy at all times is to never let the mess get out of control in the first place. Whether it’s cleaning up the kitchen as you cook a meal or putting away your toiletries in the bathroom after getting ready for work, keeping smaller messes at bay will make deep cleaning days significantly less stressful. You’ll be more likely to clean if you aren’t overwhelmed by the chaos and clutter!


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