Lexington, Kentucky is a great place to live– anyone who calls the place home can tell you as much, and it goes beyond being the home of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. It’s a city that has all the entertainment and excitement of a college town, while also being so much more. To put it simply, Lexington has something for everyone. There are plenty of perks that the city’s inhabitants know and love; however, as with anywhere, there are also a few quirks that locals can agree upon. Here are five things Lexingtonians love– and don’t.

Love: Central Kentucky Autumns

Lexington is gorgeous in the fall, thanks to an assortment of trees lining its city streets and the mild, breezy climate. Kentucky is known for having fickle weather patterns, but autumn is one time of year where you can count on plenty of beautiful days, with some of the least rainfall of any season in the heart of the Bluegrass (not to mention that Lexington is surrounded by some of the state’s best orchards and pumpkin patches.)

Don’t Love: Raking Leaves

Beautiful leaf-filled streets come at a cost for some, though; specifically for the locals tasked with raking them out of their yard. This means a prime business opportunity for lawn care service companies, though– so the annoyance of cleaning up fall leaves only for them to reappear in no time has a silver lining for some.

Love: University of Kentucky Sports

As previously mentioned, it’s hard to go anywhere in Lexington without hearing about the Cats. The region’s beloved football and basketball teams both begin around this time of year, with UK football already underway and UK basketball’s Big Blue Madness soon to follow in October.

Alternatively, this can mean widespread frowns the morning after the Cats lose a game; if the football team’s season thus far is anything to go on, though, there’s little to fear (fingers crossed.) Just be on the lookout for any burning couches.

Don’t Love: Driving on Nicholasville Road

Oh, Nicholasville Road. Where would we be without you? Connecting a wide range of the city, getting us where we need to be…very, very slowly sometimes. Rush hour traffic on Nicholasville is no joke, and there’s nothing like trying to get over three lanes of bumper-to-bumper action to make the right turn in the nick of time (no pun intended.) Once holiday traffic is thrown into the mix it’s nothing short of a grand adventure just to get from Zandale to Fayette Mall. On the bright side, there are a few months before we have to worry about that. It’s all about perspective, right?

Love: The Arts and Entertainment

Want some free live music (and paid– but well worth it– food and refreshments from local vendors?) Check out Thursday Night Live. If there’s a particular band you’re dying to see, you might just find them on the schedule to play at The Burl or Manchester Music Hall. You can pass the time in one of Lexington’s varied museums and art galleries, or simply walk around downtown and see the mural and Horse Mania art installments. See a movie at the historic Kentucky Theatre if you’re feeling up to some great cinema and great popcorn. Regardless of what you do, it’s hard to get bored in Lexington.