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5 Fun Outdoor Activities in Lexington, KY

Though Kentucky weather can be finicky in the early weeks of spring, the Bluegrass is finally starting to warm up just in time for May flowers!

With more and more pleasant, sunny days ahead of us, here are just a few ways to enjoy the nice weather before things get sizzling this summer.


Central Kentucky, and Lexington in particular, is home to a huge variety of parks, nature reserves, hiking trails, and other dedicated areas for immersing yourself in the outdoors. Many local parks in the city happen to be near delicious local restaurants, cafes, and bakeries– giving you the perfect excuse to have a springtime picnic while supporting local businesses! Places like Gratz Park, located in the heart of Lexington’s historic district of the same name, are surrounded by local downtown eateries with beautiful sculptures and historic buildings to boot. If you’re a fan of West Sixth brewing or Smithtown Seafood, you can take a walk just up the street and picnic at Coolavin Park. Triangle Park is surrounded by local restaurants as well– like Goodfellas Pizzeria, for instance, where you can treat yourself to delicious New York-style pizza slices bigger than your head.

Live Music

Thursday Night Live is back in full swing, with live music, food, and drinks at the Fifth Third Pavilion in Tandy Park. It’s a great way to enjoy some free jams, with all sorts of local acts taking the stage each Thursday evening with a cheerful community atmosphere abound. With warmer days ahead, you’ll start to find live outdoor music all over Lexington, much of which is free to the public! The Moondance Amphitheater in the Beaumont area is another popular local dig for outdoor gigs, hosting events such as the Southland Jamboree in the summer months.

Soaking in the Vitamin D

…doesn’t have to be interrupted by your studies, remote work, or a good book! Any pleasant day is an opportunity to take your to-do list outside or at the very least open up your windows before things get too warm in the Bluegrass. There’s nothing like feeling a soft spring breeze while you knock some things off your plate, and the boost you get from being outdoors or just letting in some sunlight can have a meaningful impact on your mood and motivation. For many, there’s something exciting and hopeful about spring, with the bright and fun-filled days of the summer stretching ahead (whether you’re a student itching for your summer break or just can’t wait to tip your toes in a swimming pool or some vacation sand.)

Photo Opportunities

Need some last-minute graduation photos? Want to get some cute pics of you and your partner, your family, or your friends (or just you, because you deserve it?) Take a trip over to the University of Kentucky arboretum, or maybe to the colorful exterior of Third Street Stuff & Coffee with the sun shining above. Lexington is bursting at the seams with beautiful nature scenery, gorgeous murals and other local art, and historic architecture.


Whether you’re touring the Kentucky Horse Park or Keeneland, on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, or participating in one of the Lexington Public Library’s free audio tours of locations in the city, Lexington has you covered when it comes to fascinating tours full of wonderful sights. While tours draw in visitors from all over, locals can enjoy a fresh perspective on their city, too, and enjoy being with a community of others, be it friends or new acquaintances

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