Who can help a lawyer resolve a legal ethics issue competently and efficiently?

"Ben Cowgill possesses a unique combination of experience in the field of legal ethics.  He is a safe harbor in a sea of frequent uncertainty about issues often unforeseen by the practitioner."

~ A Kentucky lawyer who employed Mr. Cowgill for legal advice and opinion testimony regarding ethics issues that arose in the course of a complex civil case

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What is the field of "legal ethics"?

"The practice of law has never been more complex, and one of the more daunting complexities is the tangle of ethical constraints and obligations imposed upon attorneys ... I can think of no more capable aide than Ben Cowgill.  His name should be in the Rolodex of every lawyer in Kentucky."

~ An out-of-state lawyer who employed Mr. Cowgill for legal advice regarding ethics issues that arose during the settlement of a federal court case in Kentucky

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When should a lawyer consider hiring a legal ethics attorney?

"It may seem easy enough to whip off a response to a bar complaint.  But all too often, I see why lawyers have been charged with professional misconduct as soon as I read the responses they prepared on their own."

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Where can one find a practicing lawyer who is equipped to handle a difficult legal ethics issue?

"Although I am in Louisville and Ben is in Lexington, we have been able to work closely together throughout my case. ... I would say this to other Kentucky lawyers: No matter where you are located, Ben Cowgill can serve effectively as your counsel in a matter of legal ethics."

~ A Louisville lawyer who employed Mr. Cowgill as defense counsel in a disciplinary case

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How can a legal ethics attorney help a lawyer any differently than other lawyers?

"The practice of legal ethics requires knowledge, experience and insight that are beyond the ken of those who handle ethics problems only occasionally.  Ben Cowgill dots his i's and crosses his t's, and his depth and breadth of understanding lend a sophistication to his handling of his clients’ problems that is rare indeed."

~ A Legal Ethics Professor at one of Kentucky's law schools

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Why should a lawyer need legal counsel in a matter that involves legal ethics?

"A man who represents himself has a fool for a client and a fool for a lawyer."

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Visit the Legal Ethics Library for KBA Ethics Opinions and Unauthorized Practice Opinions; the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct and Attorney Disciplinary Procedures; Attorney Advertising Rules and Regulations; CLE material about legal ethics in Kentucky; and links to other sites of interest

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